Something Amazing in my humble opinion

While going about my daily search of science sites, I have found some interesting information that deserves to be reiterated and expounded upon.

I want to share is a video of one of my favorite lecturers. Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, though an accomplished astrophysicist, his “down to earth” demeanor and attitude is what makes him extremely effective. Here is the video I am referring to:

Common sense from Dr. Tyson

I know we need many more teachers, professors and instructors just like him. Please do not let ideology cloud the issue and just let yourself comprehend what he is saying. I know many think that envisioning the cosmos is too difficult to do. The universe is a vast amount of time and area, but it not unfathomable as some think. Remember, everything is mathematics. All things (so far) explained, or accounted for, with mathematics. Now we need more individuals to take up the call to mathematics and physics so the human race can capitalize on what the universe has to offer us. It is a daunting task. Changing the way Science and Mathematics has a stigma of being too difficult to overcome is our hurdle for this generation and I dare say the coming one.

If we could get the children of today to be the scientists of tomorrow, our destination could actually be the stars in a relatively short amount of time. As we all should know, this great planet Earth will not last. It’s a scientific fact. So we have to decide if we are going to treat science like politicians or like scientists.


5 thoughts on “Something Amazing in my humble opinion

  1. Great video by Dr. Grasse. I like him as well. He makes valid points and expresses them in a way anyone should be able to understand. He is right, we are stardust personified. The basic elements that was here after the Big Bang, became heavier during super novae, and finally ended up in our section billions of years ago, are what we made of.

    And he makes an interesting point about higher intelligent beings. But I don’t totally agree with him. There are different magnitudes of intelligence. We share more than 99% with someone mentally inclined, yet, we converse with them. We actually care for them. So maybe the same would apply to a more advanced race. Food for thought, now you do the dishes.

  2. Good post. Good reply. For awhile I thought I was the only one who recognized Neil D. T’s message. Glad others are out there too. He is a brilliant spokesman for science. Too much of the general public is so ignorant of scientific fact that they will accept any superstitious idea as long as it comes from a source they respect. Better education is the answer along with overcoming the tendency of students to pick easier to comprehend or more lucrative careers.

    • Yes, he is someone that can break down theory into “layman” terms and has the ability to get more young people involved in science with this speaking style. I also admire Dr. Michio Kaku and will be putting a post together of him in the near future also. Thanks for the reply and the follow. Look forward to collaborating in the future.

      • I highly respect Dr.Michio Kaku and am a big fan of a few of his books (Parallel Worlds is my favortite). I am currently reading his book “Physics of the Impossible”, which is a good read.

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