The sins of our forefathers?

English: A Bully Free Zone sign - School in Be...
English: A Bully Free Zone sign – School in Berea, Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week has shown that people in the human race being extremely cruel. The story of Karen Klein had a profound impact on the American audience and with good reason. The acts of the juveniles on the bus were, to say the least, atrocious. I watched on various news stations coverage of the events and grew ever more angry. If it was the actions of the bullies on the Mrs. Klein or the fact I couldn’t assist her that angered me I am not sure. What I do know that this, along with other recent like stories in the news, made me start pondering a simple question. Why is this happening? My first thought was because the Internet and twenty-four hour news cycle, coupled with smart phone access, making the reports more numerous. Then another possibility arouse. Has our society failed our children in some way to give them the impression that this kind of behavior is acceptable?

Not by actually saying that it is OK, that’s not what I am implying at all. What I am wondering is have we begun to “miss the small things” in our children’s lives that would promote this kind of behavior. As a career soldier in the US Army, I can relate to the time constraints of every day life. There are plenty of times I have second guessed myself if I have done enough for my sixteen year old daughter. The nagging feeling is always there even if she advises me I have done fine. One thing I did for her that possibly is the part missing in a bully’s life is I instilled a sense of honor in her life. To do things for others and never think you are better than anyone else.

I believe that the bully has no honor, for themselves or others. It is not a genetically engrained trait either, it is a learned one. I learned from my parents, and reinforced in the military. For proof of this, in my humble opinion, you need to look no further than the Marine support video and the donations pouring out to her.

I found this blog called Bullying Stories that is a touching and informative piece that I recommend for everyone to read. A well written and insightful site to see what bullying is and what it does to the bullied person. We, as parents, have to take the lead again and reinforce the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a great way to live and a sure way of helping them with their decision-making skills in life. Otherwise, we look at our sins of poor parenting tainting our children in a negative and profound way. Therefore, it will be the sins of their “forefathers” that will be to blame.