CERN Has Liftoff!!!

CERN announces discovery of the elusive Higgs Boson, also called the God particle. Will have in-depth article tomorrow. To excited to write coherent thoughts now!!!


3 thoughts on “CERN Has Liftoff!!!

  1. I know, right. Very exciting news indeed. I am excited and proud of the teams involved at CERN. Humans can really be awe-inspiring. One of the joys of life: Progress.

    • Exactly! Had planned on my own post on this but have been devouring the data out there and not taking the time to post anything here at the moment. Will attempt a feed post of the most pertainent articles this weekend. A side note though is I firmly believe the wider implications are massive, from additional quark and dark energy/matter
      algorithms to additional M-theory applications. Either way it looks like more future studies are going to happen. Thanks for the comment and liking the blog.:)

      • You’re welcome. I would like to see some of those M-Theory applications in action. As for Dark Energy, the very key to our future regarding energy consumption, I really would like to see where things go from here.

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