Eagles, Tigers and Bears, oh my!

China Insurance Building (中国保险大厦), Shanghai
China Insurance Building (中国保险大厦), Shanghai (Photo credit: thewamphyri)

The news of today is full of examples of tension and past “cold war” metaphors. As a young soldier stationed in Baumholder Germany in 1987, I remember well the command directives and training we did preparing for what we perceived as the inevitable clash between east and west. The memorable “nuclear reaction” training of not looking at the flash, dropping flat with feet toward the blast, and covering the neck with interwoven hands comes to mind also.

The recent chilling of relations between Russia and the United States is not directly related to any one action on either country’s part, but a convolution of many thing past and present. The same statement’s made about China, but on different fronts.

The Russian-United States relationship has been on the downward slope ever since the New START treaty negotiations started. The U.S. Congress divided over it, the administration knew they needed it, and the Russian government was on the sideline salivating at the rhetoric being thrown around. The reason they were salivating was because they knew they would have a miniscule amount of weapons to destroy to get to the needed compliance. This empowered Vladimir Putin as he ascended to the presidency of Russia. I would venture to say that President never left office, but that is another article, I digress.  The tension between the U.S. and Russia is exasperated over other items also:

The other major part of this puzzle is China, proverbial tiger from the title. China has been a bit quieter than Russia in the past few weeks. Reason is, they don’t required being loud in their current place in the world. China is a developing economic power that has interests that stretch over the Middle East, Africa and into the various island nations in the Pacific. They are though voicing their discontent with the U.S. military’s recent shift of naval forces to the pacific. This action has caused many in the media have discussed how issues have escalated in the past few weeks. The U.S. is concerned with China’s support of the North Korean government, growing military technology, and deployments within the Sino-Philippine areas .

The future’s going to be interesting to say the least. if we allow fear to govern us though, it can only get worse. If the three major powers of the world with more than enough nuclear weapons to destroy the earth nine times over do not move in a positive, forward motion, we may all regret our fears.. If only for a few seconds.

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