Update of this blog and the future

Hello everyone and sorry I haven’t been here often. I have been extremely busy moving, getting my new site up and running smoothly and finally getting into the Veteran’s Administration for long needed treatment. I am getting back into the swing of things still trying to give common sense in a world of chaos, and boy do we have chaos.

I plan on getting back into cross-posting from my other site to this one and giving this some orginal content also. I am just one person, and since I am attempting to use the main site as a revenue stream, I am handcuffed to it a lot of the day.

I do invite everyone to follow my other blog called Retired Patriot and to feel free to register. If you wish to have articles appear there, please feel free to email me and I can get you set up as an author and you can contribute and link your own sites in the article if you wish. If you have articles you just want to publish there, feel free to do that also.

The site is http://retiredpatriot.com and there are plenty of opportunities there so feel free to visit and explore. See you soon!