About Me

English: Kentucky State Area Command Shoulder ...
English: Kentucky State Area Command Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I retired from the Kentucky Army National Guard in February 2009 with 24 years of service total (20 years active duty and 4 inactive). I have beautiful, teenage, daughter (as of the writing of this paragraph) and hope that she delves through this blog from time to time for some insight on her dear old dad.

I do believe I can use common sense with the best of them, hence the name of this blog. I have attempted to redirect this blog toward the sciences now. I will discuss topics with the military issues surrounding us. I will though address other topics as I come across them and feel they need addressing.

I consider myself conservative but Independent in affiliation. I believe the political parties here in America need restructuring as they are ineffective as they are. Neither use common sense. I hope I carry out this mission and look forward to the interactions that I am sure will come.