Live Blog: I’m In Louisville Right Now And The Louisville Purge May Actually Be Happening

Silly antics over a movie!

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The Purge The Purge

I live in Louisville, Kentucky and earlier this week there were rumors that people would be doing their own version of the movie The Purge. Obviously police don’t take threats like this lightly, but I figured, like most, it was just a prank by a bunch of idiots trying to get attention. My friend called me about an hour ago and told me to listen to the Louisville Metro Police Scanner and hear what’s going on.

It’s getting a little crazy.

I don’t want to cause panic or fear, but if you are in the Louisville Metro area, you should stay indoors tonight. Over the past hour I’ve heard of home invasions, masked groups walking around with weapons, and numerous other bizarre and violent calls. I’m going to leave this open and try to keep you all updated as much as possible as to what’s happening. I won’t promise…

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